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Protecting Yourself While Clearing Non-beneficial Entities
© Susan Collins

It seems that more dowsers are beginning to work at clearing non-beneficial entities. I have heard from others, and it has been my experience, that in the course of clearing out these "nasty beings", that there is more dark energy interference. There does not seem to be increased interference when doing non-entity work such as health assessments and adjustments.

I have been clearing "lost souls" for the past five years, or so, and have always been able to pass them into the light using the standard techniques described by Eugene Maurey and Bill Finch. A couple of years ago I came across one that wouldn't go and that had decided to stick to me - in the process, teaching me the very important lesson of never connecting directly with anything other than your trusted Guide. It took a month of sending it healing energy every time it popped up before it finally said it was ready to be passed into the light.

Over the years I have used the various standard protection strategies (many of which are beautifully outlined in Mary Kurus's article in Volume 21 No 4 of the Quester) and haven't had any trouble with protecting myself until I committed to start clearing out non-beneficial entities on a greater scale. (This was my personal response to the events of September 11, 2001). Since that time, I have experienced increasing interference from at least one very strong non-beneficial entity. This has taken the form of rude comments breaking through while I'm in the middle of a "conversation" with my Guides or clients (I use an alphabet card to transcribe messages), or at a more subtle level, entities masquerading as my Guides right in the middle of a session.

The other day I was doing a major clearing on a force that has been troubling a certain location (a location I've been working on for about six months) and set up a broadcast (using focused intent, coloured gels, written affirmations, a photographic witness, a six inch crystal, a copper ring, an Isis pendulum, sacred music and the Bible). As soon as the broadcast was put in place, I felt a sharp pain right between my shoulder blades as if I'd been stabbed. I knew immediately it was the entity I was clearing and simply removed the energetic knife with my own thought forms. A few minutes later, as the broadcast was running and I was going about my regular business, I got a Request to Communicate signal. I checked to see if it was from my primary Guide, got a yes, then got a message to stop the broadcast. When I checked with focussed intent, I found that it was, in fact, the same being I was broadcasting against and not my Guide. At least I knew I was getting to it.

When I know I'm being messed with I say, with my full power, something like: "I know you're there. I will not connect with you. I do not fear you. I send you love and healing energy. I send you to the proper dimension for appropriate treatment for the best and highest good."

So my message to dowsers clearing non-beneficial entities is this: clear bitter thoughts, make sure you have your Guides with you (ask for more to assist you if you need to) and buckle on your safety harness - be vigilant. But don't be afraid - we are stronger than they are.

Also published on (www.canadiandowsers.org)