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I have created a Dowsing Curriculum which begins with a 3-hour Dowsing Boot Camp that provides fundamental dowsing skills and extends to eight, stand-alone 3-hour Specialty Workshop Modules that can be taken in any order. Course details below.

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Learn Essential Dowsing Skills
Dowsing is our birthright technology. Susan recovered from a chronic illness and created a sustainable business by consistently applying Dowsing Protocols and techniques that she will share in Dowsing Boot Camp. Boot Camps will be in small groups of no more than 24 people so that you can interact directly with Susan to have your questions answered and for personal coaching.Dowsing can help you create the world you want to live in by building a bridge between the every-day world and the world of infinite possibilities. Learning Susan's techniques and Protocols at Dowsing Boot Camp will help you to dowse safely and accurately.
You will learn:
  • How to use Susan Collins' Dowsing Protocol
  • How to use Susan Collins' Triage Protocol
  • How to dowse with pendulums, L-rods, bobbers and your body
  • How to use Ray and PLUS / MINUS Charts
  • How to create Psychic Protection
  • How to ask questions to get meaningful answers
  • Location: your computer!
    Worksheets: Worksheets will be supplied when you register.
    Time Commitment: 3 hours
    Investment: US$11.99 Currency converter
    Prerequisite: Have your own pendulum. L-rods and bobbers are optional.
    Recommended reading:
    Use a Dowsing Protocol to Get Results and/or
    Bridge Matter and Spirit with Dowsing and/or Get Healthy with Dowsing

    Rent the Dowsing Boot Camp workshop on my Vimeo page

    Speciality Workshops
    (I recommend renting Dowsing Boot Camp before any of the Specialty workshops as Boot Camp contains foundational material)

    Module 1 Get Healthy with Dowsing Rental coming soon
    Module 2 Find and Fix Geopathic Stress Rental coming soon
    Module 3 Soul Repair and Past Life Retrieval Rental coming soon
    Module 4 Orbs, Ghosts, Aliens and Other Beings of the Multiverse Rental coming soon
    Module 5 Get Happy with Dowsing Rental coming soon
    Module 6
    Life Card Oracle System Rental coming soon
    Module 7 Dowse the Future Rental coming soon
    Module 8 Dowse for Feng Shui and Space Clearing Rental coming soon

    Specialized Dowsing Workshop Rentals Coming soon.
    Apply your Dowsing skills

    Each workshop module is structured around a specific theme and is offered in a small class size. You will be able to get answers to your personal questions and get direct live coaching from Susan. Modules may be taken in order.

    Location: your computer! ()
    Worksheets: Worksheets will be supplied when you register.
    Time Commitment: 3 hours
    Investment: US$11.99 Currency converter
    Prerequisite: Dowsing Boot Camp Recommended. Have your own pendulum. L-rods and bobber are optional.
    Rental info coming soon. See below.

    Module 1 Get Healthy with Dowsing
    Dowsing regularly can help you create and maintain good health. In this workshop we will find and remediate sources of physical, mental and emotional distress by balancing your microbiome, removing nonbeneficial psychic cords and curses, resolving unconscious emotionally traumatic memories, and transforming the energies of water, foods and remedies to support your good health on an ongoing basis. We will create and maintain psychic protection.
    Susan will share her Dowsing Protocols as well as techniques and tips to help you step into your power to enhance your health and prosperity, help yourself, your community, the planet and beyond. (We will not diagnose or treat specific illness. We will offer strategies for self-care.)
    Worksheets will be provided, Join us for an exciting workshop!

    Module 2 Find and Fix Geopathic Stress
    Earth and Environmental energies in your environment can create a variety of health problems and prevent you from reaching your goals. Areas of nonbeneficial energy create "Geopathic Stress". Areas that are healthy for you are called "Geoprosperous Places". Dowsing can help you identify the source of the problems and help you resolve them. (Psychic and Geopsychic Stress Energies are discussed in Workshop 3: Soul Repair and Past Life Retrieval, and Workshop 4: Get to know Orbs, Ghosts, Aliens and other Beings of the Multiverse).
    In this workshop you will learn to:
  • Identify areas of Geopathic Stress and assess their impact on you. (Including the energies of Curry and Hartmann grids, vortex energy, electromagnetic radiation, magnetic anomalies, underground water, Earth faults, buried debris and other subtle energies)
  • Identify and create Geoprosperous Places to assist you create the life you want.
  • Change nonbeneficial energy to beneficial energy to balance your home and business.
  • Create ongoing beneficial outcomes.
  • Map dowse and sense remotely
  • Energy Broadcasting- sending balancing energy at a distance
  • Determine if geopathic stresses originate in the past, present or future.
  • in-person and remote techniques
  • Recommended reading:
    Dowsing Triage: Finding and Fixing Energy Problems and/or Dowsing for Feng Shui and Space Clearing

    Module 3 Soul Repair and Past Life Retrieval
    It's as if we have lived many times. We had experiences, made mistakes and either learned from them or are repeating them in this lifetime. We can use dowsing to identify past trauma, find the source of it, and resolve old issues to create a better life now. Dowsing will help you access the subconscious and superconscious minds to find the root cause of things that trouble you and to restore and reintegrate your authentic soul to create health and happiness.
    In this workshop you will learn to:
  • Safely interact with other other-dimensional energies
  • Remove inherited energy blocks and curses
  • Identify and repair areas of your soul that are missing or damaged
  • Create safe boundaries and psychic protection
  • Discover your Earth and Soul missions
  • Resolve issues left over from the "old days"
  • Recall the wisdom and experiences of past lives
  • Interview Ancestors and Guardians to negotiate solutions
  • Recommended reading:
    Get Healthy with Dowsing

    Module 4 Get to Know Orbs, Ghosts, Aliens and other Beings of the Multiverse
    What are those things that go bump in the night? Are they here to hurt you or help you? Or are they just watching you? Orbs, those fluffy balls of energy that sometimes show up in photographs, are examples of other-dimensional energy that may be visiting us from the "Multiverse". The Multiverse is a conceptual place that quantum physicists agree exists, and that many dowsers and energy-sensitive people experience. This workshop will help you detect and control interactions with off-planet, other-dimensional and other-time energies and Beings that may be affecting you.
    In this workshop you will learn to:
  • Detect different types of Multiverse Beings such as Orbs, Aliens and Ghosts.
  • Recognize multidimensional and simultaneous Selves
  • Detect Beneficial, Nonbeneficial and Neutral Beings.
  • Transform nonbeneficial energies
  • Remove nonbeneficial and "trickster" Beings
  • Create psychic protection.
  • Photograph Orbs and other-dimensional Beings
  • Find, open and close portals to other dimensions.
  • Module 5
    Get Happy with Dowsing and Improve Relationships
    Is there somebody in your family or a neighbour that you just canít get along with? Do you have a co-worker who makes it hard to get your job done? Do you wonder whatís keeping you from getting ahead? Do you keep wishing for a better life? Dowsing can help you resolve old conflicts and create more harmony and happiness in your life.
    In this workshop you will learn to:
  • Identify and modify unhealthy patterns that prevent you from reaching your goals
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships
  • Find and eliminate the source of conflicts
  • Eliminate emotional triggers
  • Create healthy patterns that lead to lasting harmony
  • Remove geopsychic energy blocks to create peace
  • Remove nonbeneficial psychic cords and curses
  • Balance your chakras to create healthy energy.
  • Recommended reading:
    Get Happy with Dowsing and/or Get Healthy with Dowsing

    Module 6 The Life Card Oracle System
    Identify patterns in your life. Resolve your issues. Create the future. Life Cards will guide you in a private, personal way to find out more about your life path. The Life Cards are a 50-card deck and booklet that allows you to access guidance to answer questions and achieve your goals. The cards are divided into seven suits that correspond to the chakras. Each card has a top and bottom with a specific keyword and phrase, with an informative graphic in the centre. The cards have different meanings depending on where they appear in the layout spreads. Together, they can offer powerful insights into your life path. Life Cards comes with a 50-page booklet that helps you interpret the cards.
    In this workshop you will learn to create and interpret the:
  • Inspiration Card
  • Timeline Layout
  • Chakra Layout
  • Life Layout
  • Prerequisite: None.
    Recommended purchasing
    The Life Cards oracle deck

    Module 7 Dowse the Future
    Let's be clear - there are no guarantees about the future but we can dowse the future PROBABILITY of outcomes. We take known and unknown factors into account as well as current trends. We can evaluate our decisions over time to see what the long term outcomes might be. We can assess future outcomes on a general basis or focus more specifically using the categories of "financial", "overall happiness" or other aspects that we choose.

    Module 8 Dowsing for Feng Shui and Space Clearing
    Dowsing for Feng Shui can help you create health and prosperity by finding your lucky places and directions and by eliminating stagnant energies from your home and business.
    In this workshop you will learn to:
  • Find Geoprosperous Places
  • Balance many sources of Geopathic Stress including: Curry and Hartman grids, underground water and minerals, vortex energy, earth faults, magnetic and gravitational anomalies, and excess Yin and Yang energy.
  • Geomancy and earth acupuncture techniques
  • Resolve Feng Shui issues such as Ancestor influences, the I Ching and Bagua layouts.
  • Find the Living Force of the Space
  • Analyze Geopathic Earth, Environmental and Psychic Energy Stresses
  • Dowse the Physical and Psychic Plans
  • Create Psychic Protection
  • Recommended reading
    Dowsing for Feng Shui and Space Clearing

    Other Workshops Available:

    Create your own workshop or event!
    For example: Learn to Dowse in Kuwait
    Dowsing in Japan (Part of Susan's 2016 world tour)

    Develop Your Psychic Abilty with Dowsing
    I was afraid of the dark until I was 45 years old because I was terrified of the energies I could feel around me whenever I relaxed. I spent the first part of my life trying not to hear, see and sense subtle energies, and the last part of my life exploring them. It has been an intense journey to develop the psychic protection and tools to learn to safely explore the other realms. I will share practical tools to help you stay safe, focused and healthy on the extraordinary journeys that await you. What mysteries will you uncover?

    Water for Life
    One day workshop covering the science and magic of dowsing to site water wells and improve water quality using dowsing.
  • Tuning the Dowsing Tools
  • Seeing the Unseen
  • Connecting to the Spirit of Place
  • Advanced Water Dowsing Techniques
  • Where do Dowsing Answers Come From?

    Are answers coming from you or the tool? Do they come from some part of ourselves such as a Higher Self, past or future life or from our unconscious or subconscious minds? Or do the answers come from the Superconscious Akashic records? Do answers come from something that exists outside of our beings Ė from ďAscended MastersĒ or from Angels or Ghosts of even from Aliens? Letís find out together, because if we donít know where the answers come from, how can we trust them? Susan has developed dowsing protocols and test questions to help you know the source of your dowsed information.

    Mini Workshops
    Email me to customize an event.