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Year 2006
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Of Crystal Grids and Floating Orbs
text © Susan Collins
photographs Mikael Koch, 2005

Mikael builds crystal grid installations using principles of sacred geometry.
When Mikael's remarkable photographs of orbs floating over crystal grids first came across my desk I didn't know what to make of them. I had never before seen so many orbs packed so densely into a single photograph.

Orbs may appear in the circle, and may be photographed at night.

I honestly wondered if he had been blowing soap bubbles across the camera view finder - perhaps they were an elaborate hoax akin to throwing a Frisbee into the sky and calling it a UFO. However when I looked closely at the day light photographs of his installations on the ground - they seemed very informed with sacred geometry and well executed.

Well I met Mikael, and had the opportunity to help him build a simple crystal and candle circle at the recent Canadian Society of Questers convention at 100 Mile House (Sept 23- 25, 2005). Thirty or so of us brought our energy together in the circle, and later when Mikael pulled out his camera and took some shots, he captured some orb action. There were no soap bubbles, and the participants didn't "see" any orbs floating around us, yet they, and a mysterious mist, that was also invisible to the naked eye does appear in one of the photos.

One environmental change I did notice quite strongly after the circle had dispersed, and just before the photo was taken, was a weakening in my legs. It was hard to stand up. A couple of other people noticed the same effect, and we thought it was perhaps the fact that we hadn't grounded ourselves properly when we returned the crystals to Mikael. In the photo below, you can see some of us standing within a circle of candle light, where we found the energy to be more stable.

In retrospect, I think the circle work had opened up some sort of portal that the orbs could manifest in, and the "weakening" we felt in our legs was likely the experience of energy shifting between dimensions.

All in all, a very interesting experience, and we look forward to hearing the results of Mikael's continued research.

Crystal circle at CSQ convention produces orb action.