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What To Do When Your Pendulum Only Says "No"
© Susan Collins

I recently received a letter from a new dowser who was discouraged because her pendulum just kept indicating "no" whenever she asked it any question. She wrote: "My dowsing isn't going well. I don't know if it's because I'm not focussed enough. I'm starting to get very discouraged and think maybe I should stop trying dowsing when I'm not up to par, but that would defeat the whole purpose [of dowsing]. I'm discouraged and waiting for your comments."

I think all dowsers have experienced times when the pendulum won't seem to co-operate with us. When I've had consistent "NO"s from the Dowsing System, I've learned that often there's something I have to work out for myself. Refusing to answer, or just answering "no" is one way the Dowsing System can coach us to use our intuition directly to uncover truth. Here are some questions I ask when I'm not getting the answers I expect:

Is there something I need to do first? (For example: meditate, sleep, pray, clean the house, take my medication, talk to someone, clear an earth energy, go outside and breathe, go to my doctor, look after my kids, make a phone call, use my normal conscious skills to achieve something, etc.)

Should I be using a different tool? (For example: L rods, different pendulum, chunk through a book, alphabet card, pure intuition, runes, tarot etc.)

Should I dowse in a different place/time of day? (Sometimes the furnace, fridge or other electrical devices in the proximity can set up interference.)

Should I ask to communicate with a different guide? (It's surprising how often this is the case - you may need to bring in a "specialist" being to assist you.)

Should I be using my dowsing in service for others instead of myself? (I find my best personal clearing comes from spending time in service for someone else. If the Dowsing System is just used to benefit yourself, it may find ways, such as not working, to get your attention so that you share your skills.)

Should I be asking a different question or focusing on a different area? (Maybe it's just not the right time to focus on what you're asking.)

Is a non-beneficial being interfering with my communications? (Depending on the type of dowsing I'm doing, I may get interference. If this happens I simply make sure I'm properly grounded, cleared and balanced.)

Don't be discouraged at getting No's - it's just a sign that you have some work to do. The challenges force one to grow - and if one doesn't step up to meet and overcome them, then the dowsing system may not work so well for you. Our guides are very keen for us to learn, and one way to make us learn more is to make the pendulum "stop working". When this happens, think of it s an opportunity to take another step on your path.

Published in: "The Quester", Vol. 22 No. 3/Journal #64, Winter Solistice 2002; and on the Canadian Society of Dowsers website (www.canadiandowsers.org) , fall, 2002.