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Consciousness, Intent and the Structure of the Universe
By Jeffrey Keen
Book review by Susan Collins
Jeffrey Keen is from a traditional academic science and business background, but has also been a dowser for more than twenty years. He believes that consciousness involves more than just your brain, and is actually linked to the "fabric" of the universe, (which he calls an Information Field) and that dowsing can be used to detect and measure this connection.

In his preface he boldly writes: "As this book explicitly and irrefutably demonstrates, the adoption of scientific principles, extensive measurements, the use of numbers, mathematics and geometry clearly produces various formulae and laws with high correlations coefficients." Is this claim justified? Continued research and replication of his experiments will tell. In the meantime, the dowsing principles and proposed laws presented in this challenging book will fascinate the serious reader.

It begins with a brief overview of dowsing, from its uses in finding water, to balancing health and earth energies. In the past, the practical investigation has been from a "bottom up" perspective (what dowsers in the field actually experience). Keen's approach here is to present a "top down investigation which isolates the fundamental physical concepts involved", proved by reproducible experiments.

The book is logically laid out with Part 1 concentrating on the measurement of dowsable fields relating to tangible objects. Part 2 relates to the measurement of intangible fields. The author presents a series of thirty principles, each concluding with a handy summary. For example, Principle 8: Dowsing the Environment and Change is summarized as: "the Environment in its widest sense imposes on observations, variations over a period of time. This results in only few measurements of dowsable fields being absolute, and many being relative."

He also includes forty-one Dowsing Laws such as "Law 23: Any 2 dowsable objects will interact if the distance between them is less than the wavelength of the dowsable field perceived to be associated with those objects."

The book includes a subject index and bibliography which could both use more detail, but the extensive use of charts and diagrams (about 150) ranging from "Fractal Geometry in Pentagrams" to "Dowsing Range of Water as Vortices Increase" provide a tremendous reference tool for people seriously interested in explanations of dowsing phenomena.

This is not a book for beginners; it assumes a basic knowledge of dowsing, and a hunger for left brain explanations for what many are satisfied to know intuitively. It reads like the academic text book it sets out to be, but I think it is a marvellous step in the advancement and acceptance of dowsing phenomena in the larger community.

"Consciousness, Intent and the Structure of the Universe" Jeffrey Keen, 2005. ISBN: 1-4120-4512-6. 313 pages.

Forwards by Prof. Dr. E. Laszlo and Dr. Patrick MacManaway, President of the British Society of Dowsers.

Trafford Publishing. Order online at www.trafford.com.